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September 18th: I'm now way behind on updating and I thank all who submitted for their patience. A couple new stories for today but there will be some moving going on. As of the end of this week, you can find this site at as per usual or if you have something against Tokelau, Ignore what's currently there for now but by the end of the week, this will be there. So what does that mean for you the viewers. That's right, an end to pop-ups on this site. The form will be the only thing that remains on this site as my ISP doesn't like scripts, but the form only gets used 5 times a day max (usually once or twice). And I'll have some new stuff for said site. The orcs have already won.

August 12th: Been 33 days since I last updated and 22 stories have come in during that time. Not a bad pace. 11 have been posted (anyone who posted before the 15th), the rest in the next couple of days. My french class is almost up and I'll be more up to date after this week. Thanks for your patience and keep them coming in. Our first story involves an animated ogre and our last story involves a naked ogre. Sweet dreams everyone!

Also, I've put a couple more sites in the links section that I like.

Hey there all, I'm calling on players and DMs alike to help me build the best AD&D humour page on the net. I'm looking for stories of players who have killed or injured themselves doing some of the dumbest things possible, or just by really bad circumstance. I need submissions to make this site work. As well, it will help provide beginners with a how not to guide so that they don't make the same "rookie" mistakes. For the rest of us, it'll be a good laugh. Players, DMs, I don't care who submits their stories. Also, send me any stories of clever moves that impressed you while playing.

If anyone wants to send me a story, links to good AD&D sites, comments/suggestions, or the location of the PC graveyard which was up a couple of years ago and gave me the idea of this website, email me at or put it on the form I have here. Any comments/suggestions can be mailed to the above address.

There is now a submission form for those who prefer forms over email. All information will be edited and posted as is unless otherwise specified.

And as for the pop-ups, don't bother clicking on them, I get no money for them. Just live with them.

The stories I get are here
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Stories from levi, my most frequent submitter
My DM has seen us be stupid too.
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Since a server change is in the works, I picked up a spiffy .tk domain name for free as long as 30 people a month come to this site (I get at least 40 a day). The pop-ups will be gone soon. Set your bookmarks now and you'll see this site wherever it is.

Also got a link from Leonard and Colleen to a character creation sheet for what I think is 2nd edition.

Got an email regarding my update and it contains a tell-all link about AD&D to parents, friends, and other non-roleplayers. The link is:

Uncle Figgy's Guide to Roleplaying for Non-Roleplayers: A Manual for Parents, Friends and Gamers. That site coincedentally, also got posted to regular FARK

Thanks very much to Simon K. for this great link.

My girlfriend, her friend, and of course myself have set up a petition to bring back a classic cartoon from the 80's. Jem and the Holograms was totally outrageous, and even if you never heard of them, please sign the petition because there are characters on that show of every alignment. If Hulkamania can return from the 80's, so can Jem.

The guy who used to be behind me in the webring, Reverend Zen, is the first known person to put a link to my site up via the buttons below. As a reward and a thanks, here's his site in case it gets moved around the ring.

Links; because I can!

Famous last words
Again, The Darwin Awards
Thou shalt not use AD&D's name in vain Jack Chick
A comic with occasional AD&D references, Bob the Angry Flower
Many more famous last words, they linked to me
8-bit Theatre, cracks me up., excellent flash site that plays like a DVD.
Brunching Shuttlecocks, I've been reading Lore's work for years.

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